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Yksi päivä, neljä rotua, neljä erikoisnäyttelyä…: Philippe Lammens

Philippe Lammens

Dear friends,

My name is Philippe Lammens from Belgium, I breed Labradors, Goldens and Cavalier King Charles under the affix “ Of Misty Dreams”

My dog virus started in 1979, I saw my first Labrador at an hunting day, I felt in love for this breed and I’m still crazy about it !!
In 1983 we bought our first Golden Retriever and our first Labrador with pedigree, we were very lucky with these two, the golden became Field trial champion and the Lab became show champion and field trial Champion, these two dogs show me the way to follow.
We got our first Labrador litter in 1986 and also our first own bred Labrador, we always TRY to breed beautiful dogs with a good hunting temperament, we bred more than 50 CC’s winners, until to day we got 30 show champions all with qualifications at field trials, we have also 4 field trial champions.
I want to thank all the persons who make this possible, breeders, judges and of course all our friends.

I am judge since 1999, I am doing the Labradors, Golden and Flat coated, the English Springer Spaniels and at least the Cavaliers King Charles.
I have judged in UK, Ireland, USA, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Italy, Russia and of course in Belgium,
I am also Field trial judge.

It will be the third time that I will come to Finland, it is always a pleasure to go over your beautiful dogs and talk over our passion.
I will thank you for your great hospitality and kindness.

Philippe Lammens,